We did WHAT in Baška?!

My lovely friend Lina from Sweden visited me recently again here in Baška ❣️ We did a bunch of fun things together and I can’t wait to write about all of that, but this experience was definitely my favorite, so let me start with that:


Several weeks ago I reached out to Wind Water Sports in Baška, a family-run company providing all sorts of water fun since the year of my birth!

The family started the company in 1998, became quite popular by the year of 2000 when they acquired a boat equipped specifically for parasailing rides, which was by that time one of the first ones on the Adriatic Coast – parasailing still stands as one of their most famous attractions, particularly because their rides are on the cheaper end when it comes to this type of activity and because (as you probably saw) Baška coast is gorgeous ❣️

As the years passed, parasailing became their specialty and now they are also producing and selling their own parasails and professional equipment for it all across Europe!

All in all, these guys were so kind to offer Lina and I a ride, and we could’ve chosen between an air mattress, couch or tubes ride – so we chose tubes! We had sooo much fun – this activity is definitely designed to give you a good adrenaline kick! I promise you will be screaming and laughing the whole ride and will want another one right after 😂


Thanks to Wind Water Sports for providing Lina and I an awesome experience, wishing you guys the best of luck! Go support them on Instagram at @wind_watersports, they are really putting a lot of effort into making their experience awesome for everyone 🐟
I can’t wait for you to try it out and let me know in Instagram DMs when you do, I would LOVE to hear about it🙌

Kisses, Ema


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