Trip to Milan + Agency Talks – Day II

So here’s how the following day went:
We woke up around 8:00 and were out of our Airbnb by 9:00. We took a tram to the center and decided sit in one of these lovely Italian cafes.

What surprised me the most when I first moved to Italy last September was that these people actually eat treats for breakfast! Well, it didn’t take me too long to jump on that bandwagon. So we had our Italian breakfast – a vegan croissant sliced up horizontally and filled with forest fruit jam + cappuccino with soy milk for me and just coffee for mom, since she normally eats a bit later.

By that time it was already 11:00 and I got a call (as expected) from one agency which wanted to sign me – however, I was not quite fond of it and didn’t have a good feeling about it, so I passed.
We visited two other agencies, had a gelato in the meantime, and then decided to wrap up the “business” part of the day and head towards the center for lunch and shopping.

We had lunch in this I guess typical Italian restaurant/caffe called Passarella Caffe’ – Spaghetti with Tomato Basil Sauce. I bet those were the best spaghetti I have ever had in my whole life! Tomato and fresh basil are one of my favorite food combinations. Add some good homemade olive oil to the combination and you’ve got my heart 😂

Once we were full, it was time for the best and most exciting part of our trip – SHOPPING 🛒 That’s my favorite part even when I don’t buy anything 😂

I was so excited when one store in my hometown (Rijeka) introduced NYX products – I love their products and I was absolutely thrilled when I saw the whole NYX Store here in Milan, it was an amazing experience! It’s so exciting to be swatching all those lippies, lip pencils, eyeshadows, luminizer and foundations and thinking about where will I put all of them when I move into my dream house with a big luminous makeup room 💄 🤞

Another store that I was so thrilled for coming into Milan was my absolute favorite clothing brand – ❣️Brandy Melville ❣️ I am pretty sure I mentioned it in every blog post so far and that 90% of my clothes is from there but I don’t think I will ever stop talking about it 😂 There is something so inspiring, exciting and internally motivating about stores.

I ended up buying these two shirts and a baby blue tube top.
Having finished with Brandy Melville, I had another delicious vegan gelato from the same gelato vendor as the day before because, as I probably mentioned in the previous post, it was officially the best (vegan) gelato I have ever had in my life. I have had some really good ones both in Bologna and in Baška but this was the creamiest, richest thing I have probably ever had in my life. They had 6 creamy vegan flavours (cinnamon, chocolate, pistachio, hazelnut, vanilla, and goji berry) and all their fruit flavours were vegan as well. It was such a blessing to have the privilege of eating a delicious rich Italian gelato and sitting next to a majestic monument right across dreamy Milan Cathedral on a warm summer day.

Here is what I ended up buying:

I bought several tops and a necklace from Brandy Melville, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in shade Stockholm (I did a terrible mistake of accidentally buying a lippie I already own, now I’ve got two 🙃), NYX jumbo lip pencil and this Moistruizing Regenerating After-sun Cream by Collistar.

I had two amazing days in Milan that I’m still feeling deeply grateful for. As I didn’t have a good feeling about any of the agencies that did want to sign me, and as most fashion agencies require height (that I don’t quite have 😂), it looks like the Universe has something better in plan when it comes to my career – I’m really excited to see what the future brings me.

I want that to be your attitude as well –  think of it, every time something didn’t really go according to your plan, after a while you always saw how that “misfortune” ended up playing to your advantage, be it relationships, jobs, life situations and so forth… It always does, it must. If you can’t see it yet, wait a bit longer!
Have a wonderful day and until the next post, Ema ❣️


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