Trip to Milan + Agency Talks – Day I

As you may have seen on my Instagram, last Monday I went to Milan with my mom. It was predominantly for fun and leisure, but we also visited several modeling/fashion/advertising agencies as I received an invitation for an interview from two, one of which is situated in Milan. It took us 6 hours by car from my hometown (Rijeka) to Milan because we stopped several times for a vegan croissant (love you Italy) and a coffee. We were staying in a really cozy Airbnb and it was overall a really pleasant experience; in the end we wished to have been able to stay for longer!

We came to Milan around 12:00 pm on Monday, and managed to find our Airbnb by 13. I was told not to wear makeup to these talks, so excuse my non made up face 😂


Therefore, we just changed our clothes and went off to run some errands, and by 14:00 went for a lunch to Universo Vegano. Universo Vegano is a vegan restaurant chain and it’s my absolute favorite so far when it comes to eating vegan in Italy – I always end up spending way to much there when I’m living in Bologna 😂


I ordered a Vegan Piadina (Veghina) Marina, i.e. a piadina with “tuna” (it’s made out of marinated soy and spices which ultimately really make it taste like tuna – this is not only my vegan opinion, my mom confirmed!), onion and olives + some vegan mayo, green lettuce and tomatoes. Piadina is a dish typical for Emilia-Romagna Region in Italy, and Bologna is a capital of that region, so I couldn’t have helped reminiscing about Bologna while eating it! I am really excited to come back there in September.

After having eaten, we went to the agency we got a call from (I won’t mention the name for the reasons of privacy), and had a talk with them. The meeting was scheduled at 16:00 but we were in a bit of a delay (the lady managing me was really nice about it). The agency’s place was big and spacious, quite luxuriously and elegantly designed. They told us they would let me know if they would like to work with me the next morning (Tuesday at 11:00 am to be more precise) and they were quite punctual. But now back to Monday afternoon.

After the talk, we ran some more errands of that type and around 20:00 decided to call it a day. We then took a tram to the center and as soon as we came, we were left speechless by all the huge and majestic buildings, most of all the Milan Cathedral. I was completely mesmerized while observing the complexity of that creation –  every square centimeter of its being was created with such fascinating care and attention.




Now for the fun part: The skirt I was wearing was from Brandy Melville (not surprisingly), shirt is by Levi’s and the bralette is from Tezenis. I wore beige Converse All Star shoes and a necklace from Brandy Melville; my earrings are from H&M. I loved this outfit, and I’m so grateful to be born in the western society where I can enjoy a hobby like shopping for clothes!

Having enjoyed the outside appearance of a cathedral, we decided to have a walk through the center. By that time it was already late and the stores were closed, so we decided to take a gelato.


My mom really wanted to try Aperol Spritz in Milan as she heard somewhere that they are the best in Milan – and so she did. After a gelato and chilling on the main square for a bit more, we went to a cafe.

We came back to our Airbnb and went to sleep around 23:00. It was a wonderful and exciting day, and I’m looking forward to writing what happened the following day! Stick around and read about it soon💞

Can’t wait to hear from you in Instagram DMs, love, Ema 💞


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