What I Eat in a Day as a Vegan in Coastal Croatia II + 24 Hour Challenge

So here’s the thing: For the last two days, I’ve been trying to get some good photo material for a Healthy What I Eat in a day blog post, only to realize that I’m not eating that healthy after all!
Don’t get me wrong, I always eat vegan, so I’m never having meat nor any other animal products. I have plenty of  fruit and at least some veggies almost every day, but I realized that I’ve been having a gelato almost every day, I oftentimes eat cereal for diner and don’t have cruciferous greens and legumes at all – but most importantly, it was a real surprise to realize that I don’t eat as healthy as I thought. It’s really intriguing to find out how much we can deceive ourselves, but on a brighter note, awareness is a first step to change! So here is what I ate yesterday – it’s probably not the healthiest day of eating, but I’m hoping it will at least give you some ideas if you’re looking into including more vegan meals into your diet.


I’m starting the day off with my oatmeal, as per usual. As I don’t want to make this post unnecesarily long by repeating myself, here and here is how I make my oatmeal. Here are the toppings I used today:


Snack 1

As a not so healthy snack between breakfast and lunch, I ate a big bowl of granola with some soy milk. I don’t even know why am I calling it a snack as it probably had just as much if not more calories than “breakfast” did – I guess  it’s because it’s not so common to have a second breakfast 😂

I used this brand from Lidl, it’s vegan! And I used Soy milk by Bio Zone.




For lunch I had something that I call a Quick Mush. It is basically just any veggie I have on hand, beans, cooked potato, and at times tomato sauce –  it’s done within 15 minutes! In order to make Quick Mush a complete meal, you should  also add some cruciferous veggies (greens like spinach, broccoli, Swiss Chard etc.).

If I’m using veggies that require more cooking like broccoli or cauliflower, I cut them up and boil them along with potatoes. Today I only used veggies that cook well just by stir frying them in wok (zucchini and carrot), so I only boiled potatoes.

  1. Cut up a medium sized potato into small cubes and let it boil for 5-8 minutes.
  2. Cut up veggies and let them either boil for 5-7 minutes along with potatoes (if you’re using those that require it, like cauliflower and broccoli) or add them directly to a non stick pan or wok and stir them along with beans and spices that you’re using. Today I used Vegeta which is probably the most common Croatian spice mix.
  3. Stir for as long as you want – the longer you stir them, the softer the veggies get. Remember, you can’t get salmonella from vegetables 😂
  4. Add potatoes to the whole thing and mix. Today I also added tomato puree.
  5. Top it off with some nuts or seeds for some good fats and enjoy your healthy veggie meal!IMG_5217

I served it with some cherry tomato and cucumber salad with nuts as my grandpa brought tomatoes and cucumbers from his garden today and I didn’t want them to go to waste. His cherry tomatoes are probably the sweetest and juiciest thing in the world 💞

Snack 2

This one is really simple as well – all I did was spread some peanut butter on rice crackers, topped it off with apple puree and decorated with fresh fruit I had on hand.

Snack 3: What I basically did here is put several tablespoons of this apple puree in a cup, added some fresh fruit I had on hand and topped it all off with granola. If you’re trying to eat a bit healthier I’d suggest you to top them off with some healthier cereal (traditional granola has plenty of oil and sugar) or even better, a mix of nuts and seeds.


I had five cups of that! 😱 😱 😱 😱

Snack 4

I had a vegan gelato – strawberry and raspberry flavor. These ones are kind of healthy as they only contain raspberry/strawberry and sugar. Sugar is not healthy, but this type of gelato is probably still better for you than processed soy ones containing trans fats. This gelato costs 10 kn (1,30€) as it’s a bit healthier and made out of fresh fruit, but regular vegan gelato in Baška costs 8 kn (1€). This is technically one scoop but I took two flavors 😋


Snack 5

When I came home, I  munched on some brazil nuts.IMG_5179

Snack 6

I wrapped up the day with two cups of granola with soy milk.



Notice that  I hardly ever have a proper “dinner” – I just end up munching on all sorts of things the whole afternoon. On better days I munch on fruit, nuts, rice crackers and healthy stuff, while on days when I happen to have granola at home, it consists most of my snacks 😂 Furthermore, I should cut on processed sugars.

24 Hour Challenge

Alrighty, so now that you’ve seen how does my normal day of eating look like, and now that you’ve seen my “mistakes” in the realm of proper eating, I challenge you to eat healthy for the next 24 hours. Had someone challenged me to do something like that two days ago, I probably wouldn’t even do so because I would’ve been convinced that I already eat healthy, but just like me, you may not be aware how unhealthy you’re eating until you purposely try to eat well for 24 hours, both quality and quantity-wise.

The purpose of this challenge is to make you aware of your dietary habits, as awareness is the first step to change.

If you want to read up on healthy eating guidelines for a vegan diet, I think that these ones by Dietitians of Canada and these ones by British Dietetic Association are good sources.

Let me know how the challenge went in Instagram DMs, and stick around until the next week because I’ve got quite an exciting announcement! 

Until the next post lovelies, Ema 💞


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