Trip around the Island of Krk

Having lived on my own in Bologna for the past 9 months, I completely forgot about one of our family traditions, and was pleasantly surprised when my dad reminded me of it last week: My auntie Ivana celebrates her birthdays by taking us all by a motorboat to a beahc/harbor called Vela Luka on the Island of Krk. So here is how the day went for us:

We left our homes in nearby villages, Jurandvor and Batomalj, around 12:something and met in Baška (which is 5 min by car from our homes). Here are some pics of Baška I took yesterday:


You can only get to Vela Luka by hiking for several hours from Baška, or by a watercraft. While waiting for everyone to gather (I think there was around 12 of us), my dad, uncle, our family friend Sabina, her kids (my cousin’s other cousins), my cousins and I sat in a bar and ordered some refreshing drinks.

IMG_3477As soon as we all gathered in Baška, we got into the inflatable motorboat and began our adventure. You can only get to Vela Luka by a watercraft or by hiking for several hours from Baška.

It was quite windy, and we were literally riding those waves as we were approaching the shore:IMG_3565

It was so much fun and my cousin Dominik and I kept screaming UNLEASH THE DRAGOOOOOOOOON – don’t ask me why. Dominik kept on singing that song the whole last week while we were playing games and it somehow got into my head as well anD IT’S A DARN GOOD FEELING TO BE RIDING THOSE WAVES AND SINGING UNLEASH THE DRAGON like the true savages that we are.

We came there  around 14:00 and left our stuff on the beach. The “grownups” then went for a drink to a restaurant there while the younger generation (including me) spent time exploring the beach, reading, and having fun.




Thankfully, Ivana organized a lunch for us  at a restaurant there. Yes, this beach is literally a lone beach that can’t be accessed by car, with nothing but an occasional sheep and a traditional coastal Croatian restaurant there (read: seafood restaurant).

When the time for the first course came, everyone who was still on the beach quickly ran to the restaurant, as we were all quite hungry. First course included cheese, prosciutto, olives, tuna spreads, fish breads and so on. However, I found some type of fried dough that was actually vegan and I really enjoyed it with tomatoes, olive oil, and olives. Everyone at the table agreed that this fried thingy was the best part of the first course.

I also ordered some orange juice.

Having eaten that, our second course, i.e. the main dish came. Most people ate fish, and Ivana ordered Swiss chard with potatoes and a salad for me. Swiss chard with potatoes is a side dish characteristic for coastal Croatia, and it is usually eaten with some type of fish. IMG_3987IMG_3984

I also ate some bread and fries with that. If I was ordering the food I would probably order bean salad instead of plain mixed salad in order to make the whole meal more complete, but of course, nothing bad will happen after one incomplete meal.

After lunch, most of us went back to the beach to soak up more sun, read and have fun.


When the time for the dessert came, we all again quickly gathered in the restaurant. The restaurant staff prepared us chocolate crepes, and they were so kind and sweet to prepare vegan ones (eggless and milkless) for me. They were SO DELICIOUS. I am always so happy, grateful and surprised when the restaurant staff puts effort into preparing me something that I actually want to eat – it makes my heart sing!


We enjoyed the dessert while chatting and having fun. When we finished, we (not surprisingly) got back to the beach again and enjoyed it for a brief while more. It was 18:30 at that point, and our transport was scheduled for 19:something. Nora and I went to explore the fields across the beach as well.

At 19:something our transport arrived so we packed our stuff and entered the vehicle. This was the gorgeous view we had on our way to Baška:

We arrived at Baška and quickly agreed to meet at Batomalj where Ivana’s mom prepared us 4 different cakes! I thought they looked divine, but didn’t have any as they contained eggs and dairy products. As if we didn’t have enough water and swimming for that day, we quickly went into the pool. We had a flamingo water float there which we ruined almost immediately after having savage fun with it lol

After we’ve had enough fun in the pool for that day, we slipped into our clothes and went on to have more fun in the house while dancing like idiots and watching YouTube videos.

I came home around 9, meditated for half an hour or so and went to sleep. It was just an amazing day full of adventure and I honestly don’t feel like I could wish for much more.

Thank you for reading this and be sure to let me know what you thought in Instagram DMs or someplace else,

Kisses, Ema 💞


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