How to Have a Good Time Alone on the Beach (My Beach Routine – Summer 2017 – Baška, Island of Krk, Croatia)

As these last days I haven’t had friends over, and I don’t really know that many people in Baška, I have been going to the beach alone. It is certainly a different experience to read while listening to the sound of waves than it is to sit in a room and read. Here is what I currently do to make going to the beach on my own an enjoyable and fun experience, or in other words, my “Alone on the Beach Routine”:

I either go to the beach right after running, breakfast and meditating (which is around 11:00-12:00) and remain there until lunchtime, or I go right after lunch and remain there for as long as I want to. Today I went right after My Morning Routine.


Today I’m wearing this top from Brandy Melville, and shorts from Brandy Melville. What a surprise 😂 If you haven’t noticed already, it’s my favorite store, and if I could, I would probably move in there.  Right below my right boob you can also observe a water stain created by my careless chugging of water this morning (i.e. no, I did not yet ruin my new BM top).

Beach essentials:

Before I slipped into my beachwear, I used this Nivea Protect&Bronze to protect my skin and make it nice and glowy.

A further beach essential of mine is at least one liter of water. Please, don’t go anywhere during summer without it, let alone to the beach. Every time you’re leaving the house, think of me watching if you’ve got some water with you!

I arrive at the beach, leave my bag and towel on the shore and slip into my beachwear if I haven’t yet done so before coming to the beach. I try out the sea just to check if I like the temperature. Today was a bit windy – sea here is normally quite tranquil. I usually like to get so hot that I can’t bare it anymore, and only then go into the water 😂 If I’m still cool, the sea just doesn’t seem like a salvation. After laying on the beach for a while and soaking up some sun, I finally decide I cannot bare the heat anymore so I just throw myself in there.

I don’t really go for a swim when alone on the beach as I have to keep my eyes on the backpack, so I just remain in the shallows enjoying the cool water and soft sand below my feet, just until I’m cool enough to get back to the beach.

As soon as I get to my towel and dry my hands, I grab the book I took with me. Today I took these guys:


A YouTuber I have recently been watching,  Leeor Alexandra recommended the book Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, saying it’s her favorite, so I ordered it off of Amazon. As I’m still rereading A New Eart by Eckhart Tolle (I said more about this book here)  right now, I haven’t really started reading Ask and It Is Given, so I cannot tell yet. I took them both to the beach today not knowing which one I will feel like reading 😂

I repeat the whole process every time it gets too hot for my liking, and after 2-3 hours I’m already feeling too salty and sticky for my personal preference, so I normally pack my stuff and leave the beach.



After that’s done, I usually like to enjoy a scoop of gelato. I am so so so happy that this year so many gelato vendors here in Baška got creamy and delicious vegan gelato flavouts for 1€/scoop. Today I took mango flavor! There is also strawberry, raspberry, “smurf flavor”(bubble gum), Red Bull, Fanta, watermelon, Coca Cola, Pina Colada, Apple, Pear, and so forth.

It was so delicious.

I enjoy my gelato walking back home, which is 15 minutes on foot from the beach. Or, to be more precise, I enjoy it the first 5 minutes of walking back home, best case scenario.

I wanted to take more pics walking home from the beach as I really enjoy that walk because the scenery is just so mesmerizing. I only took these today, so they will  have to do.

When I come home, I quickly take a shower –  showers after swimming are one of my favorite things in the world! They are so refreshing, particularly because by the time I do it, I will have already walked on the sun for the past 15-20 minutes 😅 After I’m done showering, I use an after-sun face moisturizer from DM that I showed in at least two blog posts by now:


After that, I normally either relax on my bed reading the book or working on my Instagram, or I come downstairs and sit on our deck chair reading a book and maybe snacking on some fruit from our garden. If I’m hungry by then, I go and prepare some lunch before.

Disclaimer: The cover pic is not taken today (as I had no one to take it lol), but was taken around a week ago by my lovely cousin Jan 💞

Thank you for reading this, hoping it got you inspired to go to the beach if you live near the sea, even if you’ve got no one to go with! It can still be quite an enjoyable experience.

Kisses, Ema 💞


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