My Fitness Routine – Summer 2017

Good day everyone 💞 Thank you for all the positive feedback from yesterday’s post! As yesterday was the day I got the best stats so far in terms of visitors on my blog, I took the point. More health/fitness blog posts to come!

First, a disclaimer: I’m neither a fitness coach nor certified in any other related sense. All I’m doing at this point I got from my own research. Furthermore, I have yet to reach my fitness goals, but I’m quite satisfied with where I am now compared to where I used to be.IMG_2665img_2796.jpg

Here is my current fitness routine. It is actually quite simple, so this post should be easy to keep short (let’s hope so lol).

Since it’s quite hot right now, I wake up between 6:30 and 7:00. I quickly slip into my workout clothes – right now I’m wearing H&M Sports Bra and their really cozy sweatpants/shorts.

I then wash my teeth and face and apply sunscreen. I use this one by Eucerin Kids with SPF 25 for my face, and Nivea Protect&Bronze with SPF 20 for my shoulders, arms and chest.

I’m done with hygienic and preventive stuff in 10 minutes, after which I slip on my workout sneakers. As I was in the desperate need of new running and workout shoes, two days ago I got these Nike Air Max ones and I’m quite satisfied with them in terms of performance.

However, this morning I realized that the outer part of the shoe had some leather, and I can’t believe I forgot to check it before buying them! Leather in clothing is completely unnecessary in this day and age, and furthermore it is just cruel towards animals, which is why I would never consciously buy or support that. If I had the opportunity to pick again, I would probably buy New Balance ones as I have heard that those ones are great for running.

I then chug at least half a liter of water, put on my earbuds, and leave the house with my phone in the hand, a tissue in my pocket, and when I’m home alone, keys in my other hand.IMG_2933.JPG

Some of the views I had this morning while running:IMG_2962.JPG

Having come back home, I hop into the shower, after which I apply this cream to my face to keep it hydrated:



I normally run between 38 and 70 minutes every morning, depending on how much time I’ve got and how hot it is outside. This morning I ran for 48 minutes – in Bologna, from my house to Margherita Gardens + a circle around gardens is between 38 and 41 minutes for me, while here in Baška I do a circle from my home in Jurandvor to the first beach in Baška (Zarok), and then from there to Forza Restaurant, and from there back to my house at the sole beginning of Jurandvor which is between 44 and 48 minutes for me.

When for some reason I don’t manage to finish my run so it’s at least 40 minutes long (yesterday I figured out I forgot to pee, so I had to come back home after 10 minutes of running lol – once I did my thing, the sun was already too intense to go back), I compensate my daily physical activity by doing some squats. Right now I do 3 sets of 100 squats. Besides the peeing situation, I do this when it’s raining, when I wake up too late, when I have a really busy day ahead of me and so forth.

That’s it, hope it wasn’t too long!
Let me know what you thought of this on Instagram DMs. My IG account is @ema__ilic 💞

Also, if you found this interesting or useful, let me know and I would love to create my fitness journey blog post!  I certainly didn’t start by running for 40 minutes, and I was inactive and overweight for my personal preference for most of my life. In eighth grade I was 10-11 kilos heavier than now! 😂

Thank you for reading this and I’m looking forward to your feedback, kisses, Ema 💞



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