What I Eat as a Vegan in Coastal Croatia to Keep Healthy and Fit During Summer 2017

I published a story today on my Instagram account asking you if you would be interested in seeing how I keep fit as a vegan here, and I got some really good feedback! I am really glad you are reading my blog and enjoying it 💞 And hopefully getting something useful out of it! Before I start, let me just say that I have yet to fully reach my fitness goals, but I’m pretty satisfied with where I am currently, particularly in terms of weight. Another disclaimer is that I don’t eat quite this clean every day, and I sometimes go for a vegan gelato or Pacica while here in Baška.

Since I got  some really good feedback on yesterday’s post, and since there is still people (those from coastal Croatia, as well as those intending to travel here) a interested in how to keep healthy and vegan here, here’s what I ate today:


I’m making my oatmeal by boiling oats in water or plant milk. I felt like using water + chopped dates as a sweetener today. As I’m right now in Baška, Island of Krk and I don’t have a microwave here, I’m cooking these in a pot.

  1.  Boil a cup of oats + 3-5 chopped up dates in water for 3-5 minutes, or microwave them in a bowl for 3-5 minutes at 800W (I’m using Crownfield brand from Lidl, your brand might require a different cooking time). Add more water if needed, and if you’ve gone overboard with water, just cook them a bit longer, until the water evaporates.
  2.  Now is the time to add 2 teaspoons of chia seeds or ground flax seed for your daily dose of omega-3s. I forgot this step completely, so I just added them on the top of the dish in the end 🙊 You could also add a pinch of vanilla sugar or cinnamon to enhance the flavor!
  3. Decorate with fresh or dry fruit and nuts for some healthy fats – today I used 4 Brazil nuts, and approx 3 walnuts. I also used a ripe banana, blueberries, and a peach. And forgotten chia seeds 😂


    Healthy vegan lunch should consist of some type of legume and a lot of greens! If you want to read up on healthy eating guidelines for vegans, I think that these ones by  Dietitians of Canada and these ones by British Dietetic Association are good sources.


  1. I first cut up some potatoes into small cubes and let them cook until quite soft.
  2. I cut up some mushrooms (i.e. one big portabella mushroom), one zucchini and half a can of Borlotti beans, and threw them all on a wok pan. (You can use any type of pan you’d like, but make sure you’re adding enough water as you’re cooking these so it doesn’t stick. I didn’t use oil. Also, play around with veggies you’re using and try out different types! I think that an eggplant, bell pepper, thinly sliced carrot, boiled broccoli and cauliflower would also go well.)
  3. I added a bit of Vegeta Chicken Spice Mix (You can add pretty much any spice or spice mix you’d like, so play with it! I think that curry,  miso paste or soy sauce would also go well with this, and so would Dalmatian (Italian) Herb mix,  Potato Spice mix, or any other favorite spice/condiment of yours.
  4. I cooked this for 7-10 minutes. Then I added those potatoes, mixed it all up, added another herb mix, and served it on some fresh baby spinach. I topped it all off with approx. 3 walnuts to add some good fats to it.


    I’m not really used to eating a big dinner, I prefer just snacking the whole afternoon 😜 So here is what I snacked on:

    I ate one of these for dessert and I took another to the beach. I know, not the healthiest! If you need a quick energy source, I would recommend you a raw bar. It costs just as much as these things, and it doesn’t contain any sugar or added oils. I just happened to have these on hand so I used them. I got them both in DM.

    I later had a smoothie I made out of a banana, two nectarines, some blueberries, ice cubes, and vanilla soy milk. I would normally only use water and possibly walnuts, but I had some soy milk on hand today so I used that to make it easier to blend. I also let a tablespoon of chia seeds sit for 5 minutes with some water until it got a gelatinous consistency, and I added that to a smoothie as well to incorporate some healthy fats.

    This was the end result, it was yummy! A pro tip is to use frozen banana pieces instead of ice to make the whole thing even creamier.

I later had 4 rice crackers (only two in the pic) with this extra delicious mushroom pate’ I got in Spar. I swear it’s better than any other tuna or chicken pate’ I ever had!

I wrapped up the day with half a cup of vanilla soy milk.

Let me know what you thought about this blog post in Instagram DMs, and give me some feedback on how to improve my posts 💞

Thank you for reading this, kisses, Ema 💞


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